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Jean-Luke Figueroa

Jean-Luke Figueroa

The middle of three children in a Puerto Rican family living in New Jersey, where the father is an Air Force professional, he was chosen by director Sidney Lumet after an extensive search involving hundreds of little boys.

Gloria marks Jean-Luke's first major acting role. He earlier appeared on television in one episode of the afternoon serial Another World, one segment of the Our Home daytime series and in a public service promotion for chicken pox vaccinations.

He is currently shooting the lead role, Ramon, in 50 Violins with Meryl Streep and Mariah Carey and can be seen in the national network commercial for V-8.

Wise beyond his years, the youth says, "I liked doing Gloria for lots of reasons. One was working with Sidney. He's the best director. Who would not want to work with Sidney? All the other kids are just dying to work with him. And being with Sharon was big fun. In the movie we don't like each other at first and she's trying to dump me off everywhere 'cause we're bad for each other. But that was pretend.

"I definitely would like to be an actor. I'd make movies called 'Star Fox,' 'Star Wolf,' 'Star Monster.' They already did Star Wars and Starship Troopers. Sharon's nice and she's my friend, but the one I really want to work with is Luke Skywalker."

Note: This profile was written in or before 2000.

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8 Mile / Empire
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