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Erik Estrada Quotes

8 quotations by Erik Estrada

QuoteThey do the soaps differently in Mexico. You just have to know the storyline and not memorize the lines. There would be someone feeding you lines while you were performing.Quote

QuoteMy grandfather taught me generosity. He sold snow cones in Harlem. I went with him at 5 and he let me hand out the change and snow cones. I learned a lot in the couple of years that we did that.Quote

QuoteIt was a hard job, but it was a lot of fun and I'll always be grateful to Ponch. He was a part of me.Quote

QuoteI really love the karate thing I did on CHIPs. I studied with a trainer because I knew we'd do episodes that had karate.Quote

QuoteI like working with an actor who doesn't do the oneupmanship. One who has no trick and gives a true, honest performance.Quote

QuoteI do get a lot of mail. I get a lot of foreign mail because my mail gets mixed with Emilio Estevez.Quote

QuoteAs a Latino growing up in Spanish harlem, it's not easy trying not to be hot-headed.Quote

QuoteAn hour of my time is a tiny price to pay for all the support I've gotten from my fans.Quote