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Claire Danes Quotes

5 quotations by Claire Danes

QuoteThis business can be very erratic and intense ... You can be the subject of great attention, both positive and negative. You really do have to tether yourself when you're a teen star. If you don't have that tether, then you're really lost. Quote

QuoteI get a little jealous of these actor boys. They walk into a club, and in two seconds flat there are swarms of girls who are wanting so badly to touch them or just say hello. That's not the case with me, or any other girl I know. Quote

QuoteI became very successful at a young age... I had lots of opportunities and lots of power and had no idea how to focus it. Quote

QuoteActing is the greatest answer to my loneliness that I have found. Quote

QuoteI don’t know if people are meant to be together. You have to have a lot in common, choose well and be really fortunate. It’s not like you’re sprinkled with fairy dust. You have to believe that love will be there when you need it. Quote