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Giovanni Ribisi Quotes

5 quotations by Giovanni Ribisi

QuoteWe went to - I guess it was a legitimate boiler room, and I sat in front of this guy who literally was on the phone with two people at once. They call it double fisting.Quote

QuoteThose people are unabashedly ruthless as far as money is concerned.Quote

QuoteMy mother told me I was begging her to be an actor when I was four. My father and my grandfather saw at least one or two movies a week; they were film buffs, so I guess it just rubbed off on me. And now it's kind of become a way of life for me.Quote

QuoteI'm so critical of myself. I'm actually really, really proud of the film. It's really cool to see a movie at Sundance because everybody is so supportive.Quote

QuoteI think Steven Spielberg has first movies! Martin Scorsese has first movies. I don't just jump into something. I like the whole audition process.Quote