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Biography #2

Bruce Boxleitner stars in TRON as a computer engineer whose alter ego is a digital security program code-named Tron.

Boxleitner was born May 12, 1951, in Elgin, Ill., and grew up in nearby Mt. Prospect, a suburb of Chicago. His first acting experience came in theatrical productions at Mt. Prospect High School.

Upon graduation, he entered Chicago's Goodman Theater, gaining performing savvy and technical experience in shows staged by the troupe around the city. In 1971, he starred in Status Quo Vadis at the Ivanhoe Theater in Chicago, and stayed with the show during a successful 10-week run in Washington, D.C.

In 1972, Bruce moved to Los Angeles. He earned an Actors Guild card with five lines on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, then embarked on a round of auditions and screen tests which ended in a starring role in the ABC series How the West Was Won. He has since starred in the telefilms Jack and the Princess (opposite Suzanne Somers), The Gambler, East of Eden, Fly Away Home, and the feature film The Baltimore Bullet.

In 1977 Boxleitner married Kathryn Holcomb, who played his younger sister in How the West Was Won. The Boxleitners share an interest in history and antiques, and their son, Sam. They live in Hidden Hills, Calif.

Bio courtesy Disney (01-Jan-2000)