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Biography #2 (for Head in the Clouds)

Steven Berkoff is a native of London who has been appearing in films for over four decades. He was featured in supporting roles in films such as A Clockwork Orange (1971) and Nicholas and Alexandra (1971), and worked with Stanley Kubrick a second time on 1975's Barry Lyndon. He later appeared as a Bond villain in Octopussy (1983), and also played the bad guy in the blockbuster Beverly Hills Cop (1984) with Eddie Murphy. His other roles include Rambo (1985), Absolute Beginners (1986), The Krays (1990) and numerous telefilms, including War and Remembrance (as Adolf Hitler). Berkoff is also an acclaimed stage performer and director, and has toured the world with his solo performance Shakespeare's Villains (playing Richard III, Shylock and Macbeth). He also adapted and directed the acclaimed staging of Kafka's Metamorphoses, filmed for British television in 1987 with Tim Roth; and wrote and directed the offbeat comedy Decadence (1994) with Joan Collins.

Bio courtesy Sony Classics for "Head in the Clouds" (18-Sep-2004)

Biography #3

Berkoff was born in Stepney, London. After studying drama and mime in London and Paris, he subsequently entered a series of repertory companies and formed the London Theatre Group. His first original stage play was presented at the Edinburgh Festival. His original plays include West, Decadence, Greek, Kvetch, Acapulco, Harry's Christmas Lunch, Sink the Belgrano! and Massage.

Berkoff has appeared in such films as A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, The Passenger, McVicar, Outland, Octopussy, Beverly Hills Cop, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Underworld, Revolution, Under the Cherry Moon, Absolute Beginners, Prisoner of Rio, The Krays, Fair Game, Flynn, Another 9 1/2 Weeks, Legionnaire (which had its world premiere on USA Network), and Rancid Aluminum. He also directed and co-starred with Joan Collins in the film version of Decadence.

Berkoff's television credits include USA Network's La Femme Nikita, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, West, Metamorphosis, Harry's Christmas, Silent Night, The Tell Tale Heart, Sins, Beloved Family, Knife Edge, The Professionals, War and Remembrance, and Michelangelo - Season of Giants.

Berkoff has also published a variety of books, including Gross Intrusion, I Am Hamlet, and Meditations on Metamorphosis.

Bio courtesy USA Network (01-Jan-2000)