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Biography #2

Jon Tenney has worked extensively in film, television, and theater. His film credits include: Advice from the Caterpillar (Don Scardino), Enthropy (Phil Joanou), With Friends Like These (Phil Massina), Music from Another Room (Charlie Peters), Nixon (Oilver Stone), and Guilty by Suspicion (Irwin Winkler).

Tenney's television work includes roles as a series regular in Brooklyn South (ABC), Good Company (CBS), Equal Justice (ABC), and Dirty Dozen (Fox), in addition to recurring parts as a guest star in Cybill (CBS), Lois & Clark (ABC), and Almost Perfect (CBS). His Broadway credits include Impossible Marriage (Stephen Wadsworth), The Heiress (Gerald Gutierrez), and two plays directed by Gene Saks Biloxi Blues and Brighton Beach Memories.

Tenney trained at The Juilliard School and Vassar College.

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