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Biography #2 (for Kicking & Screaming)

Robert Duvall is, quite simply, one of the most respected, acclaimed and prolific actors of his generation. With over 80 feature credits in a movie career that has spanned five decades, Duvall made his film debut as the mysterious, misunderstood Boo Radley in the now-classic To Kill a Mockingbird and has worked continually ever since.

Duvall has been honored with six Academy Award nominations for his memorable, enduring portrayals in The Godfather (as Corleone family advisor Tom Hagen); Apocalypse Now (Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore); The Great Santini (macho Marine pilot Bull Meechum); The Apostle (which he wrote, produced, directed and starred in as southern Pentecostal preacher Sonny Dewey); and A Civil Action (as shrewd lawyer Jerome Facher). He won the Best Actor Oscar in 1983 for his poignant performance as born-again country music star Mac Sledge in Tender Mercies; Duvall performed all of his own songs in the film, some of which he wrote as well.

He began his acting career on the New York stage in such plays as Tennessee Williams' Camino Real and Horton Foote's The Midnight Caller. Several years later, he won an Obie Award for his performance in a revival of Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge and also co-starred in the Broadway hit Wait Until Dark.

Throughout the 1960s, Duvall also began to work in film and television, appearing on such series as Naked City, Route 66, The Defenders, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and The F.B.I.; and in movies like Captain Newman, M.D.; The Chase; The Detective; Bullitt; True Grit; and The Rain People.

By 1970, the actor's film career moved into high gear after co-starring in the hugely successful M*A*S*H, with roles in THX 1138, The Godfather, Tomorrow, The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid, Joe Kidd, Badge 373, The Conversation, The Godfather: Part II and The Killer Elite. He also directed the 1975 documentary We're Not the Jet Set. Later in the '70s, Duvall gained major attention for his standout performances in The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, Network, Apocalypse Now and The Great Santini, as well as for playing General Dwight D. Eisenhower in the TV miniseries Ike.

Film credits through the 1980s include True Confessions, The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper, Tender Mercies, The Natural, The Stone Boy, The Lightship, Belizaire the Cajun and Colors. Duvall also wrote, directed and produced the feature Angelo My Love, a portrait of New York's mysterious Gypsy community. In addition, he was Emmy-nominated for his role as Gus in the highly-honored TV miniseries Lonesome Dove.

Duvall acted in a string of notable films in the 1990s such as Days of Thunder, Rambling Rose, Falling Down, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, The Paper, Something to Talk About, The Stars Fell on Henrietta, A Family Thing (co-produced by his Butchers Run Films), Phenomenon, Sling Blade, The Apostle (winner of three Independent Spirit Awards), The Gingerbread Man, Deep Impact and A Civil Action. He also played the title role in the HBO movie Stalin and executive-produced and starred in the acclaimed TNT Original film The Man Who Captured Eichmann.

More recently, the actor has appeared in the features Gone in Sixty Seconds, A Shot at Glory (also produced), The Sixth Day, John Q, Gods and Generals, Open Range and Secondhand Lions. Duvall also wrote, produced, directed and starred in the exotic drama Assassination Tango, which was released in 2003 by United Artists.

Duvall will next be seen in the satirical comedy Thank You For Smoking, as well as in the upcoming gambling drama Lucky You, directed by Curtis Hanson.

Bio courtesy Universal Pictures for "Kicking & Screaming" (06-Jul-2005)

Biography #3 (for Gods and Generals)

Duvall was born in San Diego, California, into a military family. After duty with the U.S. Army he studied acting in New York with Sanford Meisner, founder of the respected Neighborhood Playhouse, who was the first to recognize his potential and cast him in several plays. Duvall once shared an apartment with another struggling actor, Dustin Hoffman; the two palled around with Gene Hackman.

Playwright Horton Foote was the one who recommended him for To Kill a Mockingbird. Duvall followed this with an Obie Award-winning performance in Arthur Miller's revival of A View From the Bridge.

The actor has starred in a number of America's finest films: The Godfather, which earned him an Oscar nomination, and The Godfather, Part II; he was nominated a second time for an Oscar for his performance in Apocalypse Now; he was nominated a third time for The Great Santini; and won the Best Actor Academy Award for his role in Tender Mercies.

Duvall wrote, directed, starred in and produced The Apostle, receiving an Oscar nomination for his performance in the title role, as well as Independent Spirit Awards for Best Feature, Best Director and Best Actor. He co-starred in Deep Impact and A Civil Action, which won him his sixth Oscar nomination as well as a Golden Globe nomination.

Other memorable characterizations were in Gone in 60 Seconds, A Shot at Glory and John Q. An avid tango dancer, another film venture close to his heart is Assassination Tango, which Duvall produced, wrote, starred in and directed in Argentina.

Duvall honed his craft in such well-known films as Bullitt, True Grit, M*A*S*H, THX 1138, The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, The Eagle Has Landed, The Greatest, The Betsy, True Confessions, and in the role of Dwight D. Eisenhower in the miniseries Ike. In l983 he wrote, produced and directed Angelo My Love, a portrait of New York's secretive Gypsy life. Other film roles were in The Stone Boy, The Natural, Let's Get Harry and Colors. Duvall received an Emmy nomination for his performance in the mini-series Lonesome Dove (one of his favorite roles).

In the last decade he starred in Days of Thunder, The Handmaid's Tale, A Show of Force, Convicts, Rambling Rose, Falling Down, Geronimo and Wrestling Ernest Hemingway. He formed Butchers Run Films in l992, producing and starring in A Family Thing, which earned a Humanitas Award, followed by the second Butchers Run Film The Man Who Captured Eichmann, for which Duvall was nominated for an Emmy. Duvall was also seen in The Paper, The Stars Fell on Henrietta, The Scarlet Letter and Phenomenon, and won a Golden Globe for Best Actor as the Soviet dictator in HBO's Stalin.

Duvall's upcoming projects include Open Range, co-starring with Kevin Costner, and Secondhand Lions, co-starring with Michael Caine and Haley Joel Osment.

Bio courtesy Warner Bros. for "Gods and Generals" (08-Feb-2003)