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Biography #2 (for Coupling)

Sonya Walger always lends an ear to listen to the problems of the heart as she portrays Sally, Susan's (Rena Sofer) faithful confidante on NBC's new comedy Coupling.

Walger was born and raised in London and studied English literature at Oxford University, performing in student plays in her spare time. After getting an agent while still at Oxford, she went on to work in regional theaters for two years before launching into British film and television.

Perhaps best known for her role as Donna Barnes in The Mind of the Married Man, which she starred opposite Mike Binder, whom she first met in London where he cast her opposite Alan Rickman and Janeane Garofalo in his movie The Search for John Gissing.

Walger, who is half Argentine, spends her free time in London and Buenos Aires, where her father lives. She speaks fluent Spanish and has just finished translating an Argentine play into English. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

Bio courtesy NBC for "Coupling" (05-Oct-2003)