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Biography #2 (for Laurel Canyon)

Christian Bale has attracted one of the largest followings on the internet to date, prompting Entertainment Weekly to name him one of the most powerful cult figures of the past decade. Known for his uncanny ability to nail accents down to a precise art, British actor Bale use his skills again in playing American Sam in Laurel Canyon.

"Sam grew up amidst all this creativity and chaos that was his mother's life, notes Bale. His form of rebellion against that has been to create order in his life and to make sense of everything as best he can. He and his fiancée Alex feel strong in their choices, in their studious life. But, when they come to the West Coast, it starts to unravel for them both."

An actor since age nine, Bale made a strong impression with audiences when he was selected to star in Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun (1987) which earned him a special National Board of Review award. His starring role in Mary Harron's controversial and notorious film American Psycho earned him more critical acclaim as did his performance in John Singelton's recent remake of Shaft leading Premiere Magazine to call him one of the Hottest Leading Men Under 30 and Interview Magazine to name him one of the Most wanted actors of the new millennium. Bales' other film credits include Captain Corelli's Mandolin, A Midsummer Night's Dream, All the Little Animals, Metroland, Velvet Goldmine, Jane Campion's Portrait of the Lady, Secret Agent, Little Women, Swing Kids, Newsies, Kenneth Branagh's Henry V and Prince of Jutland where he first worked with his Laurel Canyon co-star Kate Beckinsale. Bale has provided the voice of Thomas for the animated Disney film Pocahontas. His television roles include Mary, Mother of Jesus (1999), Treasure Island (1989), Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (1986), and, for the BBC, A Murder of Quality (1990) and Heart of the Country (1986).

Bale will next be seen in the futuristic drama Equilibrium with Emily Watson and the post-apocalyptic thriller Reign of Fire.

Bio courtesy Magic Lantern for "Laurel Canyon" (04-Jan-2003)