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Joely Fisher Quotes

21 quotations by Joely Fisher

QuoteYou want the best for your kid, but everybody's career is completely different in this industry.Quote

QuoteYou don't have to be that skinny, and you don't want to be so overweight that you're unhealthy - somewhere in the middle is just fine.Quote

QuoteWe would perform shows in restaurants and we would put on Girl Scout musicals in the living room whether my mother and her friends liked it or not.Quote

QuoteSkiing makes me feel great, and it gives my legs such an incredible workout.Quote

QuoteIt's sad to say, but I'm the kid who failed PE in high school. How do you fail PE? I had to repeat it four times my senior year!Quote

QuoteIt's challenging, but you have to at least try to eat right and exercise.Quote

QuoteI've never been a waif; I have a womanly figure and always did.Quote

QuoteI'm sure that my mom would have been happy with any path I chose.Quote

QuoteI'm obsessed with cooking shows, even though they make everything look so easy when it isn't.Quote

QuoteI'm always on the quest for something delicious and healthful.Quote

QuoteI was up until all hours of the night, listening to stories, meeting great old comedians.Quote

QuoteI was like a race horse, just trying to get into the world.Quote

QuoteI was a backstage kid. I was in the wings looking out.Quote

QuoteI took up French boys and wine and I studied psychology.Quote

QuoteI loved psychology and I loved history.Quote

QuoteI love to cook. I make an award-winning turkey chili.Quote

QuoteI knew from the time I could walk that I wanted to be an actor.Quote

QuoteI just believe that whatever you put into your system you're going to see on your face and your body.Quote

QuoteI definitely have a Fisher voice.Quote

QuoteBut unfortunately, when you have a kid, you sometimes eat everything they leave behind. So far today I've had some of her leftover pancakes with peanut butter.Quote

QuoteAt this point, I wouldn't be able to digest meat, and I don't like eating things with faces.Quote