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Biography #2 (for Heaven)

Tom Twyker was born in Wuppertal, Germany in 1965. He made his first Super 8 films when he was an eleven-year-old movie buff, and began working in repertory cinemas in 1980. He took over responsibility for programming at Berlin's Moviemento theater in 1988. To make ends meet, he combined this job with work as a script-reader and made television profiles of various directors. After making two short films (Because and Epilog) he made his first feature film, 1993's Deadly Maria. In 1994, Tykwer joined forces with Stefan Arndt, Wolfgang Becker, and Dani Levy to form the production company X Filme Creative Pool, which made fourteen films over the next seven years. They included Life is All You Get, for which Tykwer and Wolfgang Becker wrote the screenplay in 1995. He then made his second feature film, Winter Sleepers (1996/97).

This was followed by 1998's Run Lola Run, which became X Filme's first major international success. In Germany, where it was made, the film was the biggest German hit of the year, and it had spectacular box office sales throughout the world. In the United States alone, the film became one of the most successful foreign films every shown there. Tykwer's fourth film was The Princess and the Warrior, in which he once again worked with Lola star Franka Potente. This film marked the successful debut of the newly founded distributor X Verlieh AG. The Princess and the Warrior was first screened before an international audience at the 2000 Venice International Film Festival, and it has since played in over twenty countries. In 2001, the film also won a silver Lola, the German Film Award for best picture.

Bio courtesy Miramax for "Heaven" (30-Oct-2002)