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Today's Birthdays


Raquel Castro (1994)
Harry Lloyd (1983)
Isaac Hanson (1980)
Brandon Call (1976)
Brendon Call (1976)
Diane Neal (1975)
Leslie Bibb (1974)
Leonard Roberts (1972)
Daisy Fuentes (1966)
Sophie Marceau (1966)
Dylan Walsh (1963)
Jonathan Ross (1960)
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (1958)
Stephen Root (1951)
Jon Avnet (1949)
Roland Joffe (1945)
Danny DeVito (1944)
Lorne Michaels (1944)
Lauren Hutton (1943)
Martin Scorsese (1942)
Peter Kassovitz (1938)
Rance Howard (1928)
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  • Luke Wilson

  • Cameron Diaz

  • Bruce Willis

  • Kate Winslet

  • Keanu Reeves

  • Julia Roberts

  • Robert De Niro

  • Keira Knightley

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