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Today's Birthdays


Charlie Weber (1977)
Namie Amuro (1977)
Enuka Okuma (1976)
Aimee Graham (1975)
Asia Argento (1975)
Brad Beyer (1973)
Sergio Di Zio (1972)
N'Bushe Wright (1970)
Victoria Dillard (1969)
Kristen Johnston (1967)
Robert Rusler (1965)
Maggie Cheung (1964)
Peter Phelps (1960)
Mychael Danna (1958)
Gary Cole (1957)
Michael Hurst (1957)
Debbi Morgan (1956)
Sabine Azema (1949)
Sophia Loren (1934)
Anne Meara (1929)
Paul Wendkos (1922)
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  • Cameron Diaz

  • Bruce Willis

  • Kate Winslet

  • Keanu Reeves

  • Julia Roberts

  • Robert De Niro

  • Keira Knightley

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