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Bette Davis - Includes biography, photos, downloads, and synopses.
Bette Davis at Lynn's Classic Movie Favorites - Includes a biography, images, and links.
Bright Lights Film Journal: Bette Davis - Millions of moviegoers responded to the challenge of her headstrong, neurotic heroines who, like Frankenstein's monster, were made of mismatched parts and bolts of electricity. Her cluster of quirks attracted as they repelled.
IMDb - Bette Davis - Filmography, photographs, trivia, biography, a message board and links.
My Top 5 Actors: Bette Davis - Filmography, images, and quotes.
The Bette Davis Glamour Gallery - Contains photo galleries, brief biography, and merchandise.
The Incomparable Miss Bette Davis - Official site including a biography, pictures, filmography, selected quotations, news items and links.

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