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William Baldwin Movies

William Baldwin movies available on Blu-ray and DVD

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Rocky [HD]     


Directed by John G. Avildsen
With Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, Carl Weathers and Burgess Meredith
Complete title: Rocky [HD]

Safe [HD]     


Directed by Michael Grossman
With Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Morena Baccarin and Adam Baldwin
Complete title: Safe [HD]

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Unrated)     

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Directed by Nicholas Stoller
With Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Russell Brand and Bill Hader
Complete title: Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Unrated)

Pearl Harbor (Two-Disc 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition)     

Pearl Harbor

Directed by Michael Bay
With Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale, Jon Voight and Ewen Bremner
Complete title: Pearl Harbor (Two-Disc 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition)

The Hunt for Red October     

The Hunt for Red October

Directed by John McTiernan
With Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, Scott Glenn, Sam Neill and James Earl Jones

Carrie [HD]     


Directed by William Wyler
With Laurence Olivier, Jennifer Jones, Miriam Hopkins, Eddie Albert and Basil Ruysdael
Complete title: Carrie [HD]



Directed by Ron Howard
With Kurt Russell, William Baldwin, Scott Glenn, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Rebecca DeMornay

Adrift in Manhattan     

Adrift in Manhattan

Directed by Alfredo De Villa
With Heather Graham, Victor Rasuk, Dominic Chianese, William Baldwin and Elizabeth Pe??a

C.C. & Company     

C.C. & Company

Directed by Seymour Robbie
With Joe Namath, Ann-Margret, William Smith, Jennifer Billingsley and Mike Battle

The Andy Griffith Show - The Complete First Season     

The Andy Griffith Show

Directed by Bob Sweeney, Don Weis, Gene Reynolds and Sheldon Leonard
With Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, Don Knotts, William Lanteau and Walter Baldwin
Complete title: The Andy Griffith Show - The Complete First Season

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