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Mr (Thu May 15, 2008 11:07pm ET)report post
by John Richardson
Support Highlander on Facebook!!!

This is the FacebookPage for Highlanders fans!!


Come chat about the show and let everyone know what it means to you!

Share your opinions and meet other fans!

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Re: To Everyone. (Wed Apr 27, 2011 8:16pm ET)report post
by Charlotte Dupay
He is a Great Actor & person but Alex is involved with dark magick since she is a client of my grandmother & she is a very powerful Haitian black magick voodoo practioner,Alex have adrian by the bulls but with the wrong way. Watch out Adrian & just know all for her it cames down to only money & fame.
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Artist/Instructor (Sat Aug 11, 2007 2:08am ET)report post
by Antoinette Grumboski
I was curious about what Mr.Paul was doing lately, I enjoyed the Highlander series, and have copies of all the movies.I only have a copy of the first season, but some day I plan to collect the rest. My opinion is that he is a very good actor, I was wondering if he did any stage plays, or movies, I know he did a different series on TV, about a space alien, but is was short running.
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Untitled (Tue Sep 13, 2005 6:11pm ET)report post
by June
Adrian Paul has resumed the PEACE Fund, to assist victims, children affected by the Tsunami. Here is the new site:
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Big Fan! (Wed Jun 29, 2005 4:53pm ET)report post
by Adrian Paul Fan
It's Official!!!

-Adrian Paul. Duncan MacLeod. Together again.-
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Re: Big Fan! (Thu Sep 1, 2005 1:14am ET)report post
by Kissy Katsuhara
I just read that Adrian Paul is not in the final four being considered for the role of James Bond. I'm totally confounded and saddened by this report. Can anyone tell me what happened? I can't believe that the powers that be don't see the gold mine they would have by casting Mr. Paul. What are they thinking? Where are they getting their information from. What happened to the August screen test for Adrian? What other committments could be more important that James Bond if that is the reason they are no longer considering him. I need some answers!!
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Untitled (Thu Apr 14, 2005 10:19am ET)report post
by June
But while you are waiting for "Bond" you should be taking in Adrians latest endeavors, like: "Tides of War", and "Phantom Below" (same movie, different slant), and he just completed a Showcase theater in LA "Things Change". Hope it gets funding for a longer run!
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Adrian Paul for Bond Petition (Sun Mar 20, 2005 3:01pm ET)report post
by kathy
hey all,

I just wanted to be sure you knew there's a petition at http://www.m80teams.com/?QzoxMTEzOjI0MzUzNA== for Adrian Paul to be the next James Bond.

There is also a website up at http://www.apasbond.com

I've heard both are going to be used to get the powers that be to understand we WANT Adrian as our next Bond!
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Adrian as Bond (Sat Mar 5, 2005 1:33am ET)report post
by willun
Adrian would be perfect for Casino Royale he's got the right looks and the charm for sure I loved Highlander the series if he could bring his acting to the table it would be the best Bond ever....

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Re: Adrian as Bond (Sun Mar 20, 2005 2:58pm ET)report post
by kathy
I think Adrian would be AMAZING as James Bond.

I heard he came close to getting it when Pierce Brosnan did, and while Pierce has done a wonderful job I'd LOVE to see Adrian take a turn with the part!
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Poll results (Fri Sep 3, 2004 8:39pm ET)report post
by June
There has not been a post here in some time. For some fans of Mr. Paul, this link may be of some interest.

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Paul, Adrian Paul (Fri Jul 9, 2004 1:14pm ET)report post
by June
This is interesting:

http://jamesbond.ugo.com/news/index.php?itemid=96& catid=2
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TV Guide Interview (Mon Jul 5, 2004 5:37pm ET)report post
by Daisy
TV Guide is supposedly interviewing "Action Stars" and Adrian Paul supposedly will be interviewed the first week of August.

Parade magazine did a poll too as who would make the best new Bond, James Bond. Adrian Paul won "hands down". Whats the concensus on that?
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Re: TV Guide Interview (Sat Oct 9, 2004 12:53pm ET)report post
by Diane Lambert
Adrian Paul is an actor who has enough talent to shine in any role. Even in bad films he is a shining light that makes these films bearable to watch.
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Adrian Paul for James Bond (Sun Aug 15, 2004 3:21pm ET)report post
by S.P
I think Adrian Paul would make the best James Bond. He has all the essential Bond qualities and he reminds me a little of Sean Connery. I
I dont know why those people making the next Bond film are thinking of all these other actors that are so wrong e.g Jude Law. Idiots.
Can someone so something about this?
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