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John Fawcett

A dynamic, talented filmmaker with vision and infectious enthusiasm, John Fawcett's experience includes feature films, television, music videos and commercials. He also has several award winning short films to his credit, including the festival favorite HALF NELSON.

Fawcett made his feature film debut in 1996 with THE BOY'S CLUB, a dark adolescent drama starring Chris Penn (Reservoir Dogs, Short Cuts). Released theatrically by Alliance Communications, Variety called THE BOYS CLUB an intense, involving drama and praised Fawcett for investing the film with "a tough realistic sensibility that sets this pic apart from the pack" (May 27/96).

THE BOY'S CLUB went on to receive five Genie Award nominations (Canada's Oscars), including Best Direction, Best Actor (Chris Penn), Best Original Screenplay (Peter Wellington), Best Editing (Susan Maggi) and Best Production Design (Taavo Sooder). THE BOY'S CLUB now enjoys wide video distribution and has been sold to broadcast markets throughout the world.

Ginger Snaps is Fawcett's second feature film.

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John Fawcett Facts

BirthdayMarch 5, 1968 (46)
BirthplaceEdmonton, Alberta, Canada

Selected Filmography

Natural Selection
Variation Under Nature
Effects of External Conditions
Variations Under Domestication
Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner
Entangled Bank
Conditions of Existence
Unconscious Selection
Endless Forms Most Beautiful
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