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2 Mrs. Real (Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:07am ET)IP: 6dab89ea | report post
by XXX

Grabeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!....Ang galing ng Diamond Star!...Nadurog yong puso ko dun a'

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AMAZING / BIGLANG NAGING FAN NI MARICEL (Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:55am ET)IP: 025a2fe6 | report post
by diesel
Laline♥ ‏@laline_26 34m
amazing!ramdam na ramdam kta... Maricel Soriano ,ang husay!

Hardie Westie ‏@westiebrawler 39m
Bigla akong naging FAN ni Ms. Maricel Soriano! Napakagaling niyang artista! #AngDalawangMrsReal #SugodMillet

Arlene del Santos ‏@arlene_santos48 18m
Ganda bukas, ang ganda ni InayMary sa Abangan nakakaloka! #SugodMillet @MrsMilletReal @DalawangMrsReal
Galing galing ni Inay Congrats po !

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TAGOS SA PUSO ANG GALING (Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:54am ET)IP: 025a2fe6 | report post
by diesel
Sam Lopez Hidalgo ‏@iamsamhidalgo 40m
4 thumbs up for Maricel Soriano Smile grabeee ang sakit... watching Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real

Rashid Pantig ‏@spyboised87 40m
#OMG #Superb #acting, tagos na tagos sa puso.. Galing Ms Maricel Soriano #SugodMillet

GeorgetteAKAateG ‏@georgette_81 39m
Affected ako sa #AngDalawangMrsReal infairness naman at nagsisisi si Anthony @iamdongdantes Ang galing ng acting ni Ms.Maricel Soriano

Reymond R. Gutierrez ‏@mondRgutierrez 48m
PATI PAGHINGA KO APEKTADO, ANO BA MILLET, ANG HUSAY MO UMARTE!!! #AngDalawangMrsReal #SugodMillet #TatakMaricelSoriano

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MULTI GENERATION NA GALING (Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:52am ET)IP: 025a2fe6 | report post
❤Raizza❤ ‏@raizzacalaqui 39m
Ang galing tlagang umarte ni Maricel Soriano! ❤️

Michelle Lim ‏@dFastNCurious 40m
Superb acting from Ms. Maricel Soriano 👍 #AngDalawangMrsReal

Butch ‏@thisisbutch 39m
Ang galing ng Maricel Soriano ay multi generation..Hanggang ngayon nangingibabaw #SugodMillet
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Untitled (Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:51am ET)IP: 025a2fe6 | report post
by diesel
Rosie Comia ‏@Rosie_1007 39m
Congrats @andoyranay& to everyone in front & behind @DalawangMrsReal! This is the teleserye of the year, hands down. #SugodMillet

Paul Calazara ‏@paulcalazara 41m
Galing talaga ni Maricel Soriano. #SugodMillet

alicia salazar ‏@girlsoncue 1h
Swiching gear moment naman ni millet,cnt wait to see anthonys reactions #SugodMillet

KATH ‏@kathreenamae28 31m
Iba c Inay, hndi OA kung umarte Effortless #SugodMillet #TeamMillet

Raven Gutu ‏@darkoraven 40m
Maricel Soriano is such a brilliant actress. #SugodMillet
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Untitled (Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:49am ET)IP: 025a2fe6 | report post
by diesel
Chelsea Domingo ‏@chelsassy 26m
@msderossi heavy scenes & lines coming!! Sobrang galing niyo pong lahat kami na ang napepressure! @lovipoe #SugodMillet

Mary Diamond Streep ‏@lovingMStreep 26m
I grew up admiring Maricel Soriano. I'm proud of it. Try to watch her, she's awesome & brilliant talaga. #SugodMillet #TeamMillet

evelyn pineda ‏@evelynpineda74 27m
grabe, ang galing tlga ni maricel soriano umarte. #angdalawangmrsreal

Redge Montefolka ‏@redgeismynameee 44m
#SugodMillet Grabi na talaga ang eksena sa Ang Dalawang Mrs.Real. Ang galing talaga umarte ni Mam Maricel Soriano at Ate @lovipoe. Lagot ka.
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Untitled (Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:48am ET)IP: 025a2fe6 | report post
by diesel

Suzette Doctolero ‏@SuziDoctolero 28m
sumakit ulo ko #SugodMillet na-agitate ako. Paano ako matutulog? :P

FRANCIS puff BILLEZA ‏@frncspuffy 26m
Pataas ng Pataas ang #SugodMillet trending topic! Push pa naten kasi 2015 pa naman si Christian Grey!Kay Millet, Sheila at Anthony muna!Yes!

alicia salazar ‏@girlsoncue 26m
Back into each other arm #sandy and #millet true friend ka tlaga #sugodmillet

Justerine F. ‏@DamnJusttowski 26m
Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real. WOW! AS IN WOW! nakakakaba na nakakaexcite! Habang tumatagal lalong gumaganda. =D #SugodMillet
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Untitled (Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:47am ET)IP: 025a2fe6 | report post
by diesel
Joms Ortega ‏@JomsOrtega 19m
#SugodMillet how to deal Millet? Caught in the act na. Bukas nood tayo Realistas! Ako rin kaya maoospital if I were on the same position?

Hardie Westie ‏@westiebrawler 30m
Sobrang sulit ng episode ngayong gabi! #SugodMillet #AngDalawangMrsReal
Calabarzon, Republic of the Philippines

eymond R. Gutierrez ‏@mondRgutierrez 30m

Adonis Marcus Marcos ‏@fierceadonis 41m
#SugodMillet tangina! Yan na siya!!!!!!
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TRENDING CHAMPION (Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:45am ET)IP: 025a2fe6 | report post
by diesel
SOCIOPATH ‏@dprincesseureng 17m
Lovi, Maricel, Alex, Dingdong and even Diva. WOW. JUST WOW! #LabananNgTunayNaActress #SugodMillet

Elysa Pono ‏@ElysaPono 16m
Congrats to @gmanetwork for this amazing soap of the Diamond Star Maricel Soriano #TrulyDiamond #SugodMillet roars my inner senses. Bravo!

foreverfriends_ds ✧✰ ‏@InayMary_FF 16m
#SugodMillet episode deserves a standing ovation! *slow clap* for Ms. Maricel Soriano!!

Richay Prospera ‏@richay_prospera 24m
TRENDING CHAMPION! #SugodMillet Congrats @iamdongdantes @lovipoe @andoyranay #maricel
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Untitled (Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:44am ET)IP: 025a2fe6 | report post
by diesel
Jhomariie Sales ‏@JhomariieSales 17m
#AngDalawangMrsReal #SugodMillet :
Grabe trending talaga kada pipindutin ko ang home button ko puro kayo
ang hastags . Two Thumbs Up !

Retweeted by foreverfriends_ds ✧✰
SOCIOPATH ‏@dprincesseureng 18m
Panes! Galing ni Marciel Soriano! Clap clap! #SugodMillet

FilipinasInShowbiz ‏@PinaysInShowbiz 40m
After this Persona non-grata na ang Cebu sa travel ni Millet 😁. Desperately trying to be witty during this effed up situation #SugodMillet

Retweeted by Millet Real
Suzette Doctolero ‏@SuziDoctolero 1h
Kaloka !! #SugodMillet

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