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Shaun Baker是我的黑马王子 (Mon Oct 3, 2005 10:57am ET)report post
by Malice Ma
我不知道Shaun与"V.I.P"中的"Quick"有多大的区别,我喜欢Quick,他是我的黑马王子,是我追求的最理想情人.我认 为他们肯定很像,一样地另我着迷.为了他,我会更努力地学习英文......真希望他能看到这些.
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Untitled (Mon Mar 1, 2004 11:43pm ET)report post
by Glen Ridgway
Shaun Baker, is my favorite actor. His versatility in jumping into different characters is great. I've been a fan his since seeing him in the series "Where I Live", where he portrayed the character Malcolm, whom lived with grandmother. Hopefully, I will continue to see him in more television roles, as well as the big screen (movies).
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