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Leslie in 5th grade (Tue Mar 21, 2006 2:54pm ET)report post
by Lorrie Masters Schmitt
We were in Mr. Johns 5th grade class together and she was my best friend and barbie partner. Her Family and 2 brothers were all extremely nice people and Leslie was always very smart, expressive and funny! I was sad when she moved away to Iowa due to her fathers job transfrer and got ahold of her 1 time after that a few years later and she informed me she was doing some modeling. MY mother told me a few years ago that she thought that was her but I didnt watch any of the shows and didnt see her until I saw her on an episode of ER. Of course being the gangly, prepubescent, bespectacled kids we were, she probably wouldnt recognize me now either!!! LOL.The best of continued success to her, I am so happy for her and proud of her that she got out of the "sticks" and made a spot for herself in this world. YOu go Leslie,....and kudoos for keeping your real name!!!
P.S- I wonder if she would remember the disco party sleep over with John Roxbury (he left to go home) when we all watched the movie HAIR,...or was it SHampoo???eek
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