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Mimi (Thu Mar 29, 2012 4:27pm ET)report post
by Mimi
Hi Quizfan,that bit about foreign ganluage parts isn't entirely right. In 1961 Sophia Loren won best actress for a completely non-English role in Two Women. (Incidentally, the same year the best actor award was won by Maximilian Schell, who spoke some of his best lines in German during the trial scenes in Judgement at Nuremberg.) There might be other examples, I'm not certain.I'm a bit surprised about people reacting that way to De Niro speaking in Italian in GF II. Regardless of how seamless his performance was, all the sections of the film in which he appeared were in Italian anyway, with subtitles - including everything spoken by the other characters. Maybe the quiz participants were just pretending to have seen the film ;)A character winning separate acting awards is interesting, but again I feel a little niggle in my film trivia-saturated brain. There were many cases of multiple nominations at any rate: Charles Laughton won for playing Henry VIII while Robert Shaw and Richard Burton (I think) were both nominated for the same role in other films. Also, Robert Donat won for playing Mr Chips in 1939 while Peter O'Toole was nominated 30 years later. And O' Toole incidentally was nominated for playing King Henry II in two different films - Becket and The Lion in WInter.And remember when two actresses were nominated for playing Queen Elizabeth I in the same year in different films? Judi Dench (who won as supporting actress) for Shakespeare in Love and Cate Blanchett (nominated as best actress) in Elizabeth.So much trivia, whew! My head is full of Oscar nuggets.
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information abaut Sofia Coppola (Thu May 31, 2007 7:03am ET)report post
by Simona
I am an Italian student of the University in Bari of the course of degree of Sciences of the Communication. Following the compilation of my thesis of degree that has as object the film "Marie Antoinette", of the prestigious director Sofia Coppola, to my searches and the passion that it ties me to the as one esteemed director, taming the possibility to be able to have some contacts with Sofia Coppola to show her my job and to be able to comment with her the success of her beautiful film.
Waiting for a positive answer I send my more kindest regards.

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sofia no no no (Sat Oct 14, 2006 7:05am ET)report post
by J Hurey
sofia was terrible in godfather 3. i mean she put no enthusiam into her role. i didn't believe her at all. they would have saved money if they had a cut out of her on film. although the cut out would have been a better actress. lol. she didn't connect well with garcia. i didn't feel their love. winona ryder would have done a way better job. also lost in translation is a boring film. i fell asleep several times hoping it would evd. what exacting was the point except for watching 2 americas talk about how bad they feel. boo hoo. i guess not all coppolas have talent huh.
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Sofia Coppola (Tue Nov 4, 2003 8:21pm ET)report post
by lain
I think shes absolutely great in what she dose I love her movies and I've always wanted to be a director and a screenwriter. I liked her movie Lost In Translation it was the greatest movie that I've seen and the way she filmed Tokyo as this beautiful city really should her talents making this film.
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Lick the Star (Wed Oct 1, 2003 8:35pm ET)report post
by Curtis
OK ive been lookin for ever for the sound track to Lick the Star because i want to have those songs but I CANT FIND THEM ANYWHERE. SO if someone finds this and would be so kind to give me the names of the groups or a list or site I can retreive this info I would truely appreciate it.
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Untitled (Tue Feb 11, 2003 12:08am ET)report post
by Chris Roberts
She Is one of the most Beautiful women In the
world. I have had a crush on her since Godfather Part III,and she has gotten better
looking. If she wasn't married I would like a
chance at dating her.
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sofia.... (Sun Jan 12, 2003 4:48pm ET)report post
love LOVE, cant wait for Lost in Translation!
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