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Rachel York Movies (2)

Rachel York movies available on Blu-ray and DVD

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Jane Eyre (1971)     

Jane Eyre

With George C Scott, Susannah York, Peter Copley, Constance Cummings and Michele Dotrice
Complete title: Jane Eyre (1971)

Victor Victoria: The Broadway Musical     

Victor Victoria: The Broadway Musical

Directed by Blake Edwards
With Julie Andrews, Tony Roberts, Michael Nouri and Rachel York

A Summer Story     

A Summer Story

Directed by Piers Haggard
With James Wilby, Imogen Stubbs, Susannah York, Kenneth Colley and Jerome Flynn

Taking the Heat [VHS]     

Taking the Heat

Directed by Tom Mankiewicz
With Tony Goldwyn, Lynn Whitfield, George Segal, Will Patton and Peter Boyle
Complete title: Taking the Heat [VHS]

Great Expectations     

Great Expectations

Directed by Joseph Hardy
With Michael York, Sarah Miles, James Mason, Margaret Leighton and Robert Morley

Chain of Desire [VHS]     

Chain of Desire

Directed by Temístocles López
With Linda Fiorentino, Elias Koteas, Angel Aviles, Patrick Bauchau and Grace Zabriskie
Complete title: Chain of Desire [VHS]

Scrubbers [VHS]     


Directed by Mai Zetterling
With Amanda York, Chrissie Cotterill, Elizabeth Edmonds, Kate Ingram and Amanda Symonds
Complete title: Scrubbers [VHS]

Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me [VHS]     

Austin Powers

Directed by Jay Roach
With Mike Myers, Heather Graham, Michael York, Robert Wagner and Rob Lowe
Complete title: Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me [VHS]

Killer Instinct [VHS]     

Killer Instinct

Directed by Greydon Clark and Ken Stein
With Christopher Bradley, Bruce Nozick, Rachel York, Jeff Griggs and Thomas McHugh
Complete title: Killer Instinct [VHS]

Dead Center [VHS]     

Dead Center

Directed by Steve Carver
With Justin Lazard, Rachel York, Eb Lottimer, Krista Shook and David Carradine
Complete title: Dead Center [VHS]

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