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Reesie Jackson (Tue Apr 19, 2005 2:20pm ET)report post
by Tiffany
So is she a real person or what. I tried to find info on her and nothibg.
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Re: Reesie Jackson (Thu May 5, 2005 12:31am ET)report post
by mary
i tried the sam ething too but i didn't find anything but this site that has info on reesie jackson
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reesie jackson.... (Fri Apr 8, 2005 11:39pm ET)report post
by Bianca
I do think the episode was Gods will as every thing else is. I love the show girlfriends. I also know that there are many women who watch it as seing from the emails comments. Ladies just like we had the time to type .. take the time to care about yourself. There are other thing out there other than hiv/aid mental sometimes worst than physical.
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all of the above(Plz Read) (Fri Apr 8, 2005 9:38pm ET)report post
by Valeashia Nixon
i would just like to say i think that was an amazing episode that touched many peoples hearts. It also made people more aware. I am a fan of Kims work but never knew her name. i didnt even realize it was her on the show(even tho ive recently watched diary of....). Like most of u i hurried to the internet trying to find out who reesie was but found nothing. so i look up the episode and found this sight.

I 100%percent disagree with some of you who commented that she shouldnt huv play the part. Im glad she played it because it made u feel the fear that it was her. Had it bin sum unknown actress u would never have been as eager to "think about it or look it up", you may have probaly just not really taken it seriously or brushed it off. The produces knew exactly what they were doing and I apploud them for that "some what confusing ending" with her pic and the dates because it sparked fear and interest in u to get out there and be aware and feel the circumstances more since it was some one u knew of and loved. Fear of thinking that it was her got u to take heed and want to gain knowledge and thats always a wonderful thing.

Some one said earlier that it scared alot of ppl, well it needed to for u to get the point that its more near to u than u think and it does not discriminate. Whether its an UNKNOWN person, U, Ur FAMILY MEMEBER, a superstar , like kimberly, beyonce, britney or halle it can get you. Status does not protect u and thats y i think the produces did it. They wanted u to feel and u did. And i truly beleive that u took it more seriously than if it was just some other unknown actress.

Finally to Kim keep doing what ur doing...the role u played in girlfriends was great along with everything else you do. (especially kicking that guys but in diary of ... lol)i also want u to know that ur fan base spreads further than u think. Its international. I am a 19 yr old young lady of the bahamas & on behalf of the people of the BAHAMAS,. keep doing what u doing girl. We love you.

P.S. guys i am so sorry for the long message but i feel like it got my point acrossSmile :D

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Re: all of the above(Plz Read) (Sat Jun 4, 2005 10:23pm ET)report post
by pat
I'm glad it was the character and not Kim E. HOW DO WE MISCONSTRUE INFO SO FAST??? Kim E is truley one of the best actresses from our community in terms of ability and playing parts with integrity.
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Girl Friend!!!!!!!! (Thu Dec 30, 2004 1:55pm ET)report post
by Janetta M. Williams
Its a beautiful thing to be able to express your views to the world and know you are making a difference.. I have always thought you were an exceptional actress but maybe your Aids character on Girlfriends was a bit much..You had a lot of your fans believing you had been defeated by a tireless enemy "The Aids Virus". Be proud that you were able to let your voice be heard as an informant about this silent fierce killer but in future be kind to those that still believe in the American Dream and share one heart of old never let it be believed you were a man or woman down
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the episode on girlfriends (Thu Dec 30, 2004 12:41pm ET)report post
by Kaydi Morales
I also watched the episode of girlfriends and to think that one show could have many women in confussion and wondering if kimberley elise died and if reesie jackson is a real live person. After watching the episode i quickly took down the name and the next morning i was on the internet looking up reesie jackson though i didnt find out anything i am so glad that the girlfriends did that show and i believe more shows should give episodes like that if one show can get all of us on the internet just think if other shows gave a similar episode the world would be more aware of hiv/aids and i think more carefull. I am still looking for information on reesie jackson if any of you have found any PLEASE email me back thank you and thank you for reading this....
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Re: the episode on girlfriends (Tue Mar 8, 2005 7:37pm ET)report post
by De'Arrea
that was wrong to play that episode
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Re: the episode on girlfriends (Sat May 28, 2005 2:17am ET)report post
by Shaa
I think it was very good that episode was aired because many of us choose to push the subject in the closet somewhere like it's going to go away. We need to be aware that this is an epidemic killing people all over the world (predominantly black women). The only way we'll gain knowledge is if we take the initiative educate ourselves about this and many other things we should draw our attention to. ~Kimberly Elise, you did a wonderful job on Girlfriends, as well as all of your other past projects. You are a very talented woman. Keep up the good work and continue to let God use you.~
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Re: the episode on girlfriends (Wed May 4, 2005 9:31pm ET)report post
by Shenika
In what way was that show wrong? The problem with people today is "out of sight out of mind" and there are people dying all around us and who is to say that we will not be next. We need to become aware not only about AIDS but everything.
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Ms. (Wed Dec 29, 2004 11:54pm ET)report post
by vi
I am also relieved to find that Kimberly Elise did not pass. I had heard the rumors going around, but did not know for sure. When I saw the episode, I knew that was not her name. That is when I came to the Internet to find out who Reesie Jackson was. Thank you "Girlfriends" for such a powerful episode. Thank you Ms. Kimberly Elise for using your amazing acting abilities in such a powerful way!
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Kimberly Elise Performace (Wed Dec 29, 2004 8:09pm ET)report post
by Joy
I'm glad to hear the actress named Kimberly Elise is alive because the end of the Girlfriends show confused me a little. But you have to give respect to the writers because doing that it made lots of us run to the computer and do research. Researching on Kimberly Elise but also on HIV itself. So after you clam down and see that Kimberly Elise is alive "Thank God" please look up HIV and AIDS.

God Bless!!
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THOUGHT SHE WAS DEAD (Wed Dec 29, 2004 7:41pm ET)report post
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Re: THOUGHT SHE WAS DEAD (Thu Dec 30, 2004 12:05am ET)report post
by Christina
Do not feel silly about being confused about the ending of the Girlfriends episode. I thought the actress was deceased also. I'm curious about who Reesie Jackson is and learning about her life story. I am always staying up to date on HIV/AIDS. This episode was a good reinforcer.God Bless!
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Re: THOUGHT SHE WAS DEAD (Wed Dec 29, 2004 11:58pm ET)report post
by Tanya Smith
I am so glad that you watched the episode of "Girlfriends" that talked about AIDS. But, you have to take into consideration the intire episode. AIDS is alive and well in our communities. It does NOT care who it infects, what nationality or gender we are, how much money we have or what status in the community we hold. This episode was clearly to enlighten and spead awareness of AIDS to their viewers. I, myself, am very proud of the producers for doing such a great job on the show and hope that they continue to do more life reflecting and educational shows in the future. Smile
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Good but bad. (Wed Jan 14, 2004 5:02pm ET)report post
by Melanie-Kaye
I think the show was wonderful. I know it made me think twice about AIDS. I just don't think they should have used a huge star to play an AIDS victim. Look how many people it scared. And its not that people weren't paying attention to the show, many people just didn't know her name. The show was just so real because of the seriousness and the date at the end. And also the tone she had when she was talking about her children and started to cry. Also while taping John Q., her documentary said that she was having really bad migraines. I guess that episode could have tricked anyone.
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relieved yet curious (Mon Sep 29, 2003 10:39am ET)report post
by Neek
Like other fans I was curious to know if Kimberly Elise was dead ,but I didn't know
her real name , I just knew she was the lady on set it off , when I saw the show I was shocked and it put great fear on my heart . I am so glad she is Okay , but to those who are dying I give my blessing and hope to further dedicate my time to this cause but a question still unanswered who is reesie jackson is she fictional or what ? I want to know about her?

Oh Girlfriend's and Kimberly
great job keep it up I love your
acting and you can count on me to watch every monday evening as usual!!!!!!!!
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Re: What the.....! (Wed Sep 21, 2005 3:21pm ET)report post
by lil' dee dee
Reesie Jackson had to be a person that recently die that no one had the chance to tell her story so that's why kimberly elise played just a good roll of her because i was in the dark to
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