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Today's Birthdays


Eamonn Owens (1983)
Samantha Mumba (1983)
Antje Traue (1981)
Jason Segel (1980)
Jay Chou (1979)
Jesse L. Martin (1969)
Antonio de la Torre (1968)
Dave Attell (1965)
Jane Horrocks (1964)
Hairi Katagiri (1963)
Mark Rylance (1960)
Kevin Costner (1955)
Takeshi Kitano (1947)
John Boorman (1933)
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  • Luke Wilson

  • Cameron Diaz

  • Bruce Willis

  • Kate Winslet

  • Keanu Reeves

  • Julia Roberts

  • Robert De Niro

  • Keira Knightley

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January 15 - January 22:
Rizzoli & Isles: The Complete Seventh and Final Season
Rizzoli & Isles: The Complete Seventh and Final Season
The Girl on the Train
Keeping Up With The Joneses
Naruto Shippuden Uncut DVD Set 29 DVD
Train to Busan
NYPD Blue: The Final Season
Bad Day at Black Rock
Fairy Tail: Collection Six
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
Ouija: Origin of Evil

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